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Self-employed & Tax Debts

Sally is self-employed and has accumulated several debts including a tax liability of $30,000 due to unpaid GST. She's looking to consolidate these debts and refinance her existing mortgage of $450,000. She is having trouble with obtaining finance from the major banks due to her tax debt.

Solution: How Home Loan Depot helped Sally?

At Home Loan Depot, we work with many different lenders from the majors banks to specialist non-conforming lenders. We understand different lender's policy back to front to provide Sally with a tailored flexible home loan solutions, given she fell outside mainstream lending criteria and placed her with one of our non-conforming lender.

By helping Sally consolidate her debt and ATO tax liability and refinancing her existing mortgage, Home Loan Depot was able to help reduced her monthly repayment and improve her monthly cash flow by more than $1000 a month. This also allowed her pay off her tax debt and avoid serious consequences from the ATO.

Working with Home Loan Depot

At Home Loan Depot, its not just about working with you now to provide you with short term solutions. We understand that while placing Sally with a non-conforming lender, this was only a short-term solution to set her back on the right track with her finances. In working with Sally, we helped her strategise a plan to move her home loan back to a major bank/ lender when the time is right to do so.

Contact Us today to see how Home Loan Depot could possibly help you. Call us in 1300 967 120 or email us at

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