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Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

With news surrounding the banking royal commission, I have been asked by multiple clients over the last few weeks on what is it exactly that mortgage brokers do and why they should be using one.

With over 150 banks and lenders in Australia it's no wonder that people can struggle to navigate this landscape on which lender to choose. Today, mortgage brokers originate over 50 percent of home loans in Australia so why exactly are customers turning to mortgage brokers for their home loans.


At Home Loan Depot, our panel include the four major banks – ANZ, CBA, NAB and Westpac – as well as various highly competitive regional and second-tier lender and some niche lenders that might suit borrowers like the self-employed or those who do not meet standard criteria of mainstream lenders.

A good mortgage broker will assess your objectives and financial circumstances to provide you with the type of loan which is most suitable to you. We have a deep understanding of the products available to borrowers and each lender's policy.

Whether it’s considering the advantages of a fixed, variable or split home loan; making sure borrowers have an offset account; or what a good rate discount looks like at any given time, we can put out knowledge to work for borrowers. We can offer sound advice on your home loan options and ensure that we help you select the right lender and ensure success in your application being approved.

With you every step of the way!

Purchasing a property in today’s housing market is not for the faint-hearted. Brokers help ensure a smooth process from the get go up and beyond. From helping with your pre-approval to your loan being unconditionally approved. We’ll work with you, the bank, conveyancer, vendor and all parties involved to ensure a smooth and stress free end-to-end process.

When you use a broker, you save time and energy, and you are more likely to find a mortgage/loan not only at the lowest cost but also with the best features for you. Not only that, a great mortgage broker will provide a home loan health check further down the track should your objectives or financial circumstances change and ensure your current home loan is still right for you.

Savings, not cost

Brokers advocate for borrowers to save them money over the life of their loan. They may be able to source more competitive interest rates while using their relationships to negotiate rate discounts or other benefits, such as fee waivers.

Best of all, at Home Loan Depot, using our service doesn’t cost you anything! We are paid by the banks once and only if the loan settles with them.


  • If you use your current bank for your home loan, are you limiting your choice?

  • When browsing online will your knowledge ever be as complete as the professional who works full time in this market?

  • What have you got to lose?

Talk to Home Loan Depot today to discuss your financing needs. Contact us here, email us at or call us on 1300 967 120.

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